Fox and CBS broadcast NFL games Sunday afternoons while NBC and ESPN show on Sundays and Monday nights respectively. Thursday night games are broadcast on NFL Network, but out of the 18, five are shown simultaneously on CBS, and five more on NBC. We also need to be reminded of Thanksgiving Day games and Saturday games fixed for the later part of the season as well as several playoff rounds until Super Bowl LI billed for February 3, 2019.

Here is a pretty easy way to have full access to all NFL live stream games online (though it comes with the great condition that you will have to wait until the end of the game). You will be charged $99 annual fee for access to any game you wish to watch on your mobile device, PC or Xbox console. With Game Pass, you could see selected preseason games; have access to live radio broadcast and a short version that condenses a full game into 30 minutes. While streaming the game live may not be as fun filled as Live Sports, you could as well set your personalized schedule.

For fans of Monday Night Games, ESPN is your best bet. If you have a current cable subscription package that has access to ESPN – which most cables do- then you can have access to live ESPN streaming from almost any device. To access this feature, simply download ESPN app on your Android, iOS, Windows, Roku, Xbox, or Amazon Fire device. After downloading, simply sign in with your login of your cable providers and stay tuned for Monday Night Football from anywhere and from any device.

Over the years, Thursday Night game has been the difficult version of Sunday and Monday games, although, getting it now seems easier. Thursday Night Football broadcast on CBS, which makes CBS “All Access” an ideal option to watch the game online. Besides also having access to various interesting CBS shows, this feature gives you access to your local CBS station -watching live programs. You can enjoy live streaming on your mobile devices, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and PCs.

The company’s NFL Mobile services is one of the best deals for lovers of football, as long as you are a Verizon subscriber- Sounds more interesting now that Verizon’s monthly subscription fee is just $5. Although you may not get access to all stations, Verizon subscribers can stream several national and local NFL games -, Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football,Thursday Night Football, NFL on CBS or NFL on Fox- right on your phone. To add NFL Red one, subscribers would have to pay an additional $2 per month, which gives you full touchdown from all Sunday games.